Making Machines Understand
Unlocking value from text.
Bringing the power of Natural Language Processing to your business.
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About deepset
We are a machine learning agency focused on Natural Language Processing (NLP).
Building on top of latest AI research deepset unlocks the value from text & conversations.
We deliver the appropriate technology in an agile approach to solve your individual case.
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No magic. No bullshit. Just cutting-edge NLP.
Document Classification
Automatically detect and tag different types of documents.
Condense texts to their absolute essence.
Cognitive Search
Search for content not just for keywords.
Topic Extraction
Detect the key topics across large corpora of documents.
Content Extraction
Detect & extract structured data like products, proteins or liability sums from your documents with customized entity recognition.
Question Answering
Automatically reply to frequently occurring questions.
We deliver the value of NLP through structured approaches, targeting each part of the life cycle of our systems
Use Case Discovery
Through a structured format we gain an understanding of processes, information needs and data and provide impulses to identify valuable cases for NLP
Proof of Concept
We apply technologies to real customer data and build working models to assess the technological potential of NLP for the identified use case
The integration into existing IT landscapes is performed, under consideration of all relevant requirements regarding performance, robustness and data security
Operation & Maintenance
To keep our customers' focus on their business, we ensure the availability of the developed system and take care about continuous adaptions to ever changing conditions
Every industry has its own language and semantics. Our NLP models are native speakers of your specific jargon.
Biotechnology & Pharmacy
We scan scientific literature, extract customized terms like drugs, chemicals or diseases and their relation among each other. With our expertise we support the drug discovery process or construct a knowledge landscape.
Industry & Manufacturing
We see enormous value in understanding the content of a company's internal documents and making it accessible through cognitive search, summarization or content extraction. Categorizing written reports in combination with other structured data (sensor data, database entries…) unlocks previously untouched potential.
Finance & Compliance
We support strategic and financial investors in the identification of relevant companies to enhance their portfolio. By utilizing information sources like websites, product presentations, social media etc. we deliver an holistic view about a potential target.
Automatically answering simple questions about contract compliance helps the Due Diligence process in significant ways.
Clients & Partners
We love diversity and enjoy working with clients of all sizes: From small tech-startups to large international corporates.
What our clients say

As experts from a relatively young industry, we know about the potential of machine learning but see the untapped opportunities at the same time. Bridging this gap unlocks enormous value but also requires thoughtful and responsible change. Therefore, bridging this gap is not just a matter of technology or its implementation - it is also a matter of how change is approached. Introducing methods of NLP, as one of the most disruptive disciplines of this century, will make machines understand - but also people need to do so. Bringing all together - approach, technology and especially our clients - is the recipe for generating value. This is the rationale behind deepset and it is what drives our work everyday.
Milos Rusic
Milos introduced methods of machine learning to large companies and mature industries. Having a sound understanding of the technologies he believes in the value of applying them to all kinds of business problems. Milos gained experience in research, consulting and AI start-ups.
Malte Pietsch
Malte created Machine Learning models in various sectors with a focus on NLP. Fascinated by the speed of recent developments in deep learning he enjoys bridging the gap from research to business applications. Previous stops: plista, TU Munich and Carnegie Mellon University.
Timo Möller
Timo is the tech guru at deepset, he has been researching Neural Networks since they still had one hidden layer and coded a deep object recognition system from scratch. He has been working in the industry to apply machine learning models at all scales and believes it is important to democratize AI knowledge through open sourcing and education.
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