Making machines understand

Unlocking value from text. Bringing the power of NLP to your business.

Making machines understand

Unlocking value from text. Bringing the power of NLP to your business.


We are a machine learning agency focused on Natural Language Processing (NLP). 
Building on top of latest AI research deepset unlocks the value from text & conversations.
We deliver the appropriate technology in an agile approach to solve your individual case.


Document Classification

Automatically detect and tag different types of documents.


Extract structured data from your documents with customized entity recognition.


Detect emotions in your texts and conversations.


Create new opportunities for spoken language by transforming it to text.


Condense texts to their essence.

Topic Extraction

Learn the key topics across large corpora of documents.


Effective AI solutions need both: powerful algorithms and seamless integration into existing business processes.
Unstructured data like e-mails, news, contracts or voice recordings contain a lot of valuable insights for businesses. At deepset, we accompany our clients on gathering these insights by discovering the need for insights, extract those by analysing all kinds of text data and finally defining strategic and tactical implications for our clients' business. 
Technologies of NLP have the potential to change and greatly improve the way businesses work. Deepset tailors these technologies to serve your needs and deliver value in day-to-day operations. To ensure value creation, we accompany our clients during the whole solution life cycle - we go beyond ideation and prototyping to the implementation and operation of our solutions. 

Use Cases


Customer Insights

While positive customer experiences are more important than ever, many of the day-to-day processes remain repetitive and block your team from excelling in special cases - until now! We think AI is the key to exemplary customer service; offering smoother processes and faster, more accurate solutions.

New opportunites enabled by AI include the transcription of customer calls, summarization of conversations, identifying repetitive topics and detailed insights into customer satisfaction.

Financial Services

Information is the key resource for financial services. With NLP it is now possible to unlock information buried in analyst reports, news articles and all kinds of financial documents. We think AI will shape the next generation of trading strategies and processes in the financial industry. 

New opportunies enabled by AI include trading strategies based on sentiment in digital news and the automated analysis of analysts' reports.

Legal & Accounting

With documents being prevalent in legal and accounting processes, the potential for NLP is tremendous. Finding the right documents, extracting information and validating against standards are highly manual, time consuming tasks - until now! We believe AI is ready to unchain you from this burden.

New opportunities enabled by AI include contract screening, automated extraction of contractual terms and invoice processing.

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