Enhancing Customer Experience through Question Answering

Provide your service agents with a tool to serve customers faster - or enable your customers to do it simply on their own!
Demonstration of Question Answering
Question Answering works for for all kinds of questions and all kinds of use cases - no matter if you want to apply it to knowledge databases, handbooks, manuals or product description. See how it is used for supporting service agents and customers with questions on credit card terms to get an idea, what Question Answering can do for your business.
Benefits of Question Answering
Help agents and customers to quickly get the relevant information.
The system does not require rules but answers questions based on a semantic understanding. The system does not require maintenance once the training is performed.
It works by simply asking a question in natural language - there is no tutorial or onboarding necessary to make use of the system.
Use Cases in Service & Support
Get an idea how Question Answering can be utilized in service and support processes and get inspired what it can do for your business
IT Helpdesk
Help users to navigate faster through your knowledge bases for efficiently finding solutions to easier problems.
Customer Self Service
Get rid of pre-defined questions and answers in FAQ and allow your customer to ask what is really relevant to them, based on product content and terms and conditions.
Service Agent Support
Empower service agents to search through internal knowledge bases in real-time while consulting clients via phone, e-mail or chat.
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